Sift Task Chairs
Remarkable for style, comfort, and support, Sift task chairs have all-mesh seats and backs made from SoSoft mesh - a breathable, supple, and incredibly soft woven material. The constant cooling effect of Sift's mesh ventilation promotes a more comfortable and productive work day. SoSoft mesh has a 10-year warranty and passes KI's rigorous testing for bursting, tearing, and cleanability. The built-in lumbar mechanism offers enhanced comfort and constant support. The mechanism adjusts easily from a sitting position. Catering to individual seating preferences, the full-function task chairs offers synchro-tilt, seat slide, and back lock and has been tested to support 300 pounds. Task chair is available armless or with adjustable T-arms.


Impress Ultra Task Chairs
KI's Impress® Ultra task chair includes the perfect combination of comfort and value. With this task chair, KI takes the comfort of the Impress chair and adds a mesh back which conforms to the unique curvature of your back. In addition, the chair is covered with Soft Knit fabric that stretches two ways and is woven specifically for the Impress Ultra seat. The Impress Ultra task chair is available in two versions - high-back or mid-back with four arm options including pivoting T-arm, adjustable T-arm, loop arm and adjustable loop arm. Seat-depth adjustability is a standard feature on the Ultra task chair. On the mid-back version, back height is also adjustable, and is standard.


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