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FireKing four drawer 31"D fireproof legal size vertical file is constructed of specially formulated, asbestos-free gypsum-based insulation, oven-dried to reduce free moisture to less than 1/2%. Insulation is reinforced with 1” x 2” 14-gauge galvanized welded-steel wire; and insulation between all drawers makes each drawer a separate insulated container. All exterior steel panels are replaceable in the field in the event of minor damage. An environmentally friendly, electrostatically applied powder coating gives the FireKing Vertical File a scratch-, scuff-, and stain-resistant finish. A five-stage prefinishing treatment provides unmatched adhesion and rust resistance.


Vertical file meets Underwriters’ Laboratories “Record Protection Equipment” classification, which includes a one-hour fire test of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, a 2000 degrees Fahrenheit explosion hazard test, and a 30-foot impact test. Each drawer body is built with high sides for use with hanging folders. Divider rails are provided to allow for a variety of filing configurations. Drawer heads are formed of welded steel, and filled with our specially formulated gypsum-based insulation. Each drawer head is designed for a tight interlock with the cabinet frame– making all drawers extra-resistant to heat transfer. Cradle drawer suspensions are securely mounted with screws to metal posts in the file body. The FireKing Vertical File’s Medeco drawer key locks are UL-rated to resist picking and drilling. Because keys cannot be duplicated – except through FireKing – access is limited to authorized key holders only. Drawer bypass feature allows a drawer to stay unlocked while other drawers remain locked. Each drawer pull is made of bright chrome-plated zinc and contains an integral index-card holder.


All FireKing files carry a lifetime warranty on all parts, including insulation and drawer suspensions. If your FireKing Vertical File is ever required to protect your documents in a fire, and any of its fire-protective properties are damaged, FireKing will replace it free. Ships fully assembled.

• One hour UL fire rated
• 30' UL impact rated
• 2000 degree explosion hazard rated
• Water resistant
• High-security key lock
• 130 lb weight capacity per drawer

Dimensions and Weight

• Dimensions:  21"W x 31"D x 53"H
• Weight:  664 lbs.
• Lifetime Guarantee

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