Engage Task Chairs
Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, the Engage® task chair provides high-performance, ergonomic seating. The seat and back moves with you via a synchro-tilt control for enhanced comfort. The soft seat also tilts forward to relieve pressure on thighs when in a work-intensive position. Optional memory foam seat enhances comfort even further. Whether you adjust seat depth, back height or arm height, Engage ergonomic task chairs pivot to fit your body and adapt to your tasks. Back flexes 20 degrees yet can be locked in any of three positions. Controls are also easy to access and grasp.

Pilot Task Chairs
For generously sized seating that is durable, comfortable and attractive, the Pilot(r) task chair is the clear choice. Pilot is warranted to accommodate weight up to 400 pounds, 24/7 for 10 years. Highlights of the Pilot task chair include heavy-duty casters, ultra-durable engineered plastic base, a heavy-duty pneumatic cylinder and a 10-ply seat board. Pilot task chairs are available with loop arms, t arms, or armless. The looped arm is fixed height and fixed width with a soft, radiused aesthetic. T arm adjust 2-3/4" in height and 2-1/2" in width..At first Pilot looks like any other task chair. Look again and you notice that while it is larger and stronger, its transitional style harmonizes nicely with other task chairs in a wide variety of environments.

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